At CGSolutionsGroup we believe that our clients are our partners and results are not just the bottomline but, the journey there. We engage, communicate and deliver for your success.

Defining CGSolutionsGroup

Business Edifice

Processing, documentation, details, financing, alignment and people are all variables required to fortify the corporate foundation of success.

Collaborative Intelligence

Client + Consultant = the perfect team. We are always brainstorming and strategizing to create the ultimate, cohesive business plan.

Lean Model

We are constantly improving plans, building finer company models, educating employees, streamlining processes, and discovering new exciting business opportunities.


We offer simulation services for all types of projects, contact us to inquiry about this suite of offerings.

Expert Analysis

Before we write one line of code we do an in-depth analysis of client requirements and use cases, so at the end of development we are to deliver the best product for our clients.

Technical Expertise

Expertise within The CG SolutionsGroup covers a spectrum of industries. Our team each has a minimum of ten years experience in their perspective fields. This gives us the unique advantage over other technology firms.


We are dedicated to providing quality, customized services & products for the advancements of clients' needs. Our NAICS code offerings are:











City of Orlando MBE

Orange County MBE

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority MBE/DBE

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority MBE/LDB/DBE

Orange County Public School MBE & LDB


Software Development

Our Software Services are unique in that we become your partner in defining requirements and then going further into the use cases. This allows for us to develop accurate software whether it is deployed mobile, enterprise and or the web. This is done all in an Agile environment.

Web Development

Our Web Development Services allows clients to take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies. We stress optimization, minimalistic design, with backend functionality that surpasses the competition.


SimServ is our simulations services, where we provide customer to commercial off the shelf simulation software for all types of training purposes.

Please contact us for more details.

Database Management

Our Database Services are developed with your use case in mind. We ask not just the technical questions but, look at a scalable solution that can grow with your data needs.

VR Development

Our Virtual Reality solutions are cutting edge with OCULUS Rift, Gear VR and many other VR hardware. We balance useful engagement with immersive environment to produce a highly captivating experience.

Custom Solutions

Our Custom Solutions is our black box environment that allow our clients total access to our brilliant developers to explore and create. This unique opportunity is a platform for clients with ideas that are patentable, new IP and disruptive.

Program/Project Management

Our team is versed in traditional PMP principles as well as AGILE iterative management. We have also fostered unique project management styles that not only blend but, create hybridize management from multiple methodologies.

Mobile Development

Our mobile development goes further than most competitors, with iOS, Android and Windows. Uniformity and User Interface design is highly regarded and is essential to mobile development.


Our outsourcing is not a traditional model, we have our “own” offshore team. If our client(s) have budgetary constraints, this option becomes very attractive. Nothing differs from development quality it is simply a more cost effective option.



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